Sign if you agree: IVF should be available to all

Sign if you agree: IVF should be available to all

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    Sign if you agree: IVF should be available to all

    The petition to Senate Majority Leader Schumer reads:

    Stand up for the rights of people to decide when and how to start a family. Call an up-or-down vote on the Access To Building Families Act to expand access to IVF nationwide.

    Why is this important?

    Embryos are not people. But recently, in a precedent setting decision, the Alabama Supreme Court ruled that frozen embryos should be considered children.

    Now Alabama health centers are canceling In vitro fertilization (IVF) appointments, stories of heartbroken families are flooding our news feeds, and Republicans are distancing themselves as fast as they can knowing that the court went too far. Restricting assisted fertility treatments is a political liability for members of a party that claim to protect” family values."

    Recently, Senator Tammy Duckworth called a unanimous consent vote on the Access to Building Families Act, which would expand access to IVF nationwide, but, as expected, a single Republican senator was able to block it from passing. We need Leader Schumer to call a full up-or-down vote on the bill to force every single member of the Senate to make their position clear and Republicans to make a choice: Will they support people who are trying to grow their families or continue to push their agenda to control the bodies, choices, and futures of women?

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