Women need schedules that work!

Women need schedules that work!

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I support Elizabeth Warren's Schedules That Work Act.

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    Elizabeth Warren has a bold new plan to help working moms--and needs our help right away! It's called the Schedules That Work Act, and Congress could act on it at any moment--but legislators need to know the public stands behind it. 

    Under Sen. Warren's awesome new plan, employers would no longer be able to get away with scheduling abuses--which most affect low-wage workers, especially moms--like wildly different hours from week to week and almost no advance notice of schedule changes. Imagine having to arrange for a sitter while not even knowing your work hours the next day? Yeah, it's not easy. That's why we need to stand up for working moms juggling real life while trying to work to make ends meet. Scheduling abuses are just one more way employers discriminate against women, who are more likely to have caregiving responsibilities than men. Will you tell Congress that scheduling abuses have gone on for far too long?