Tell Rush's Advertisers: Drop his show ASAP

Tell Rush's Advertisers: Drop his show ASAP

Our message to Rush Limbaugh Advertisers

Hateful and abusive language towards women is completely unacceptable. Rush Limbaugh has really crossed the line this time and you need to stop advertising on his show immediately.
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    Rush Limbaugh has crossed the line: Over the course of 3 days he attacked a young woman 53 separate times for testifying before Congress about birth control as a medical necessity. He called her a slut and a prostitute among other terrible names. And then he said that if Sandra Fluke wants birth control coverage, he should get something for it—she should have to post videos of herself having sex. He issued a statement on the controversy this weekend that showed that he was not at all sorry for his rants-- even prominent conservatives don't think he is actually sorry for what he said.

    So far over 20 companies have already stopped advertising on his show. But some, like Life Lock--among others--still remain. Can you sign this petition telling Rush advertisers that he crossed the line and they must stop advertising on his show?