No more rape apologists--Denounce Richard Black!

No more rape apologists--Denounce Richard Black!

To National Republican Campaign Committee:

"It is dangerous to allow Congressional candidates to condone marital rape, which is a very serious instance of domestic violence. We are calling on you to denounce Richard Black's comments and demand that he apologize."

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    Richard Black, a candidate for Congress in Virginia, thinks that spousal rape should not be a crime

    When Virginia voted to allow spouses to be prosecuted for rape, Black opposed it as a state senator and questioned whether marital rape is even possible, saying "when they're living together, sleeping in the same bed, she's in a nightie, and so forth."

    This is outrageous and unacceptable. Marital rape is a crime and a very serious instance of domestic violence.

    And it's not the first time Black dismisses rape with his comments. He once told a newspaper that military rape is "as predictable as human nature... Think of yourself at 25,... Wouldn't you love to have a group of 19-year-old girls under your control, day in, day out?"

    When candidates for public office aren't met with the outrage they deserve for their offensive and incredibly dangerous comments, it only emboldens them to push radical anti-woman policies once they are in office. Black's views on rape are downright dangerous and inhumane, and we have to speak out. The National Republican Campaign Committee knows that women voters are critical to success. They have to hear that this is the wrong way to attract them.