YouTube and TikTok must remove content promoting Andrew Tate

YouTube and TikTok must remove content promoting Andrew Tate

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    YouTube and TikTok must remove content promoting Andrew Tate

    Right-wing social media influencer Andrew Tate was just detained in Romania on charges related to human trafficking, organized crime, and rape. But arresting him won't stop Tate from perpetuating violence against women.

    The internet is filled with popular videos in which Tate describes women as men's property, blames survivors of sexual assault, and promotes violence against women.

    Why is this important?

    Tate has worked to actively recruit young men and boys to join his misogynistic enterprises like his so-called "Hustlers University," where young men and boys paid $50 a month to learn from Tate and his friends about how to attract submissive women and become rich quickly.

    Tate himself is banned from YouTube (which is owned by Google) and TikTok. But his business thrives because his fans continue to upload and share his content on their own social media accounts, where the videos amass hundreds of thousands of views and are promoted to young men and boys.

    It isn't an accident that Andrew Tate still has videos all over social media. He told the young men and boys who joined Hustlers University that they would earn money by posting his videos on their social media accounts.

    It's hypocritical for YouTube and TikTok to say they've banned Tate but continue to allow and profit from videos that praise and endorse him--and it's even worse to keep promoting these videos when Tate is facing criminal charges for violent crimes against women.

    Add your name to the petition now if you agree that social media companies must remove all content that promotes Andrew Tate and his misogynistic ideology immediately.

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