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Reddit: Ban Racism and Hate Speech

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    Reddit: Ban Racism and Hate Speech

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    Ban Racism and Hate Speech

    Why is this important?

    Reddit has been called the home to "the most violently racist" content on the internet by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

    The popular social network has long been a haven for sexist, racist, homophobic, and transphobic content--and the company has done little to address it. In fact, Reddit's former CEO recently called out the company saying it "nurtures and monetizes white supremacy" and hate.

    Reddit has been linked to the alt-right, the manosphere, white nationalists, and other hate groups that promote violence and harass other users, particularly women, people of color and LGBTQ people. Reddit is home to appallingly racist forums dedicated to promoting violence and unspeakable slurs against Black people. Meanwhile, forums created as safe spaces for Black women and LGBTQ people have called on Reddit to protect them from being inundated with harassment and attacks, and the company hasn't done much to help. Reddit forums have also served as an organizing platform for extreme men's rights groups that promote violence against women, including the belief that women want to be raped. The reputations of U.S. Reddit users are so bad that Reddit Ireland resorted to shutting down its site entirely every night to stop racist posts coming from the U.S.

    Reddit has also been linked to deadly shootings and attacks. Reddit was used to organize the Nazi rally in Charlottesville, Va that killed activist Heather Heyer, and at least three recent mass killers in North America were inspired by Reddit chatrooms fostering  misogyny and racism.

    In 2015, Reddit refused to ban "open racism and slurs," claiming it needed to allow people with so-called "different beliefs" to express themselves. But Reddit can't hide from this moment of national reckoning on systemic racism. 

    Sign the petition supporting the demands made by more than 800 Reddit moderators representing Black, feminist, and LGBTQ Reddit forums and millions of Reddit users.

    Reddit must:

    • Enact a site-wide policy against racism, slurs, and hate speech targeted at protected groups;
    • Be proactive in banning hate-based communities;
    • Be proactive in banning hateful users;
    • Hire more minorities and women, especially in leadership roles; and
    • Hire more paid community managers.

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