This rape apologist needs to go

This rape apologist needs to go

Tell the New Hampshire State Legislature:

Representative Robert Fisher's active promotion of violence and misogyny online puts women at risk and he should be expelled from office.
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    Reporters recently revealed that a New Hampshire state representative, Robert Fisher, is behind a major pro-rape online forum where he writes things like, "Rape isn't an absolute bad, because the rapist I think probably likes it a lot."

    Since he's been discovered, Fisher has doubled down and publicly defended the idea that most women lie about rape and that men should put cameras in their bedrooms to protect themselves. Now, state lawmakers, including the governor, are calling on Fisher to resign.

    Men like Fisher are downright dangerous--and this week, the New Hampshire House of Representatives will decide whether or not he can stay in office. If thousands speak out right now, we can make sure the country sees a woman-hating rape apologist expelled from office.