Princeton Review: Include sexual assault rankings

Princeton Review: Include sexual assault rankings

Tell the Princeton Review:

"High school students and their parents have a right to know if a college campus has a problem with rape. Please include sexual assault prevention and response in your ranking of colleges."

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    One in five college women will be sexually assaulted before she graduates. 

    Stories about colleges mishandling rape cases have become commonplace in the press, and rape on campus has become a national crisisHere's the simple truth: Students and parents have a right to know if the school they're applying to has a problem with rape--and over 95 campuses are under federal investigation for failing to take rape reports seriously.

    Countless high school seniors and their parents consult the Princeton Review school rankings each year. It grades schools on everything from quality of life to class size to fire safety, but it includes nothing about sexual assault. If the Princeton Review starts including information on campuses' sexual assault track records, the public statistics will motivate colleges across the country to get serious about the epidemic of campus rape.

    Will you sign the petition asking Princeton Review to include rankings of schools based on campus sexual assault? Add your name now.