Sexual assault survivors say: Hold Judge McKeon Accountable

Sexual assault survivors say: Hold Judge McKeon Accountable

We call on the Montana Judicial Standards Commission to reprimand Judge John McKeon
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    Sexual assault survivors say: Hold Judge McKeon Accountable

    Judge John McKeon of Montana just let a rapist off with a slap on the wrist. After this man repeatedly raped his twelve-year-old daughter, he will serve only 43 days of his 30-year-sentence. McKeon is retiring next month, so if we don't speak up this rape apologist will walk away with a cushy pension. 

    Together we have stopped judges like this in the past by raising up the voices of survivors of sexual assault. When we spoke out about the Stanford rape case, Judge Aaron Persky was forced to step down from hearing criminal cases.

    If you are a survivor of sexual assault or the loved one of a survivor, will you please sign on to this letter right away? We will only use your first name.

    Montana Judicial Standards Commission:

    We write as survivors of sexual assault and their loved ones to urge you to hold Judge John McKeon accountable for sentencing a child rapist to a mere 43 days in prison.

    Judge John McKeon exhibited bias in this decision and should be censured and forced to step down from the bench without his pension.

    When judges put the safety and well-being of a rapist above the survivor and face almost no punishment, we allow them to perpetuate rape culture and send a message that men can rape women and children with impunity.

    In 2013, this commission did the right thing by censuring Judge Baugh after he blamed a 14-year-old survivor for her rape. We implore you to do the right thing again and hold Judge McKeon accountable.


    Sexual assault survivors and their loved ones

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