Keep birth control free

Keep birth control free

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"Keep birth control free."
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    Keep birth control free

    In just a matter of weeks, up to 55 million women will lose free birth control--unless we act.

    Last month, the Trump administration announced that it would allow insurers, colleges, and employers to claim religious or moral beliefs as an excuse to stop offering a treatment that is essential to women's health. Its rationale? Birth control promotes "risky sexual behavior."

    58% of women use birth control for everything from calming menstrual cramps to family planning to managing crippling endometriosis. Black, Latina and South Asian women in particular rely on birth control to treat conditions like polycystic ovarian syndrome. What's more, sex becomes a lot riskier without access to free birth control.

    We can still save free birth control. The Department of Health and Human Services must hear from the public before finalizing this rule, and we're joining allies at Center for Reproductive Rights, CREDO, and others to deliver your comments in person on December 5. We've seen how women leading the resistance have defeated terrible health proposals before--from Trumpcare to abortion restrictions. Can you sign our petition and submit a comment?

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