Tell insurers: Don't take away birth control

Tell insurers: Don't take away birth control

Tell health insurers:

"Don't end coverage for no-copay birth control that tens of millions of women rely on."
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    Trump, Paul Ryan, and birth control

    Trump just announced he will take away free birth control from up to 55 million women, claiming it promotes "risky sexual behavior."

    Women use birth control for everything from calming menstrual cramps to family planning to managing crippling pain from endometriosis. In fact, sex becomes a lot riskier without access to birth control. This is just the latest attempt by the Trump administration to pander to right wing extremists who want to sabotage women's health care.

    The good news is that we can still save free birth control for millions of women who need it. Insurance companies benefit from covering the co-pay--in part because birth control is vastly cheaper than childbirth or endometriosis treatment. Let's make sure that every single health insurance company, starting with three of the biggest--UnitedHealthcare, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and Kaiser--hears from us right away. Can you sign the petition and help pile the pressure onto insurers to continue to cover birth control?

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