Protect Privacy and Civil Rights Online

Protect Privacy and Civil Rights Online

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    Protect Privacy and Civil Rights Online

    Tell the Federal Trade Commission: Protect Privacy and Civil Rights Online

    Why is this important?

    Big Tech has a foothold in nearly every facet of our lives. From collecting, processing, and sharing our personal information, to exploiting individuals for profit, Big Tech is undermining our civil rights and sabotaging our access to economic opportunities. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn are using and selling our personal data to our detriment, leading to racism, misogyny, sexism, and xenophobia triggered by algorithmic bias. It's time for things to change.

    The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has the power to enact data-privacy rules that protect us from discriminatory and exploitative companies. FTC Chair, Lina Khan, has been a champion for consumer safety and holding Big Tech accountable. We're doubling down and calling on her to continue championing data-privacy by issuing a rule-making to ensure consumers are protected against Big Tech.

    Join us in demanding FTC Chair Lina Khan to use the FTC's rule making power to rein in Big Tech and make data-privacy a reality!

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