Governor Rick Snyder: Resign!

Governor Rick Snyder: Resign!

Tell Michigan Governor Rick Snyder:

You knowingly let Flint families drink poisoned water. Resign.
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    News broke that Michigan Governor Rick Snyder knew that Flint's water was poisoned for at least a year. He even had bottled water shipped in for state employees, while ignoring the concerns of worried Flint residents--who are largely poor, Black, and without other options.

    It's possibly the most shocking revelation since the Flint water crisis began, and it's downright criminal. Now, more than ten thousand children and pregnant women have been exposed to toxic lead levels--that means severe brain, nervous system, and liver damage that will affect them for the rest of their lives. Flint residents are calling on Governor Snyder to resign, and now he might be forced to--if enough of us join their call.