Tell Senate Democrats: Reform the filibuster already!

Tell Senate Democrats: Reform the filibuster already!

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"The filibuster has reached unprecedented levels of abuse by the Tea Party, and the obstruction of progress on women's issues and Administration nominees is no longer fair or tolerable. We can't run a democracy this way. Please vote to reform Senate rules right away!"


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    Tell Senate Democrats: Reform the filibuster already!

    A once in a lifetime opportunity is approaching to change the landscape on women's rights, and we can't miss it.

    Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is considering a change in the Senate rules that would stop the Tea Party from blocking all the progress we care about. Most recently, the Tea Party blocked pro-choice, pro-woman superhero Professor Nina Pillard for a judgeship on the powerful DC Circuit Court, despite a clear majority of 57 Senators supporting her.

    Also blocked is legislation to re-institute background checks on gun purchases and, if the Tea Party has their way this week, legislation to address military sexual assault.

    Majority Leader Reid is just a few votes shy of reforming the filibuster--the rule that allows a minority of Senators to stop a vote from even happening--so well-qualified, pro-woman judges with majority support like Pillard can serve our nation. If we take action now, we can push this boulder over the hill. If we don't, then despite a pro-woman majority in the Senate and a pro-woman President in the White House, we could lose this opportunity for change.

    Click here to tell Majority Leader Reid and Senate Democrats: Reform the filibuster. We can't miss this opportunity for change.