FAKE clinics stealing REAL money

FAKE clinics stealing REAL money

Tell the State of Pennsylvania:

Stop funding shady anti-abortion extremist group Real Alternatives
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    The state of Pennsylvania is funding a radical anti-choice group whose mission is to coerce and manipulate women out of having abortions by fronting as an abortion provider.

    That's awful, but it actually gets worse: The group, Real Alternatives, is suspected of stealing nearly one million dollars in taxpayer money. Now, they're suing the state to block an audit that could reveal where the money went.

    Even the most extreme anti-abortion politicians in the most conservative states don't want to appear to be in cahoots with a shady group that steals taxpayer money. This is a huge opportunity to damage Real Alternatives and their network of hundreds of fraudulent anti-abortion fronts--not only in Pennsylvania, but also in several other states. If we all speak out now, we can force the state of Pennsylvania to freeze all funding for these horrible, anti-woman programs.

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