These shopper favorites are funding abortion bans

These shopper favorites are funding abortion bans

Tell Amazon, Walmart, Target and others:

Quit lying about your commitment to gender equality. Stop funneling money to anti-abortion, anti-woman lawmakers.
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    These shopper favorites are funding abortion bans

    These are the top corporations that people are giving money to that poured tens of thousands of dollars into the pockets of politicians responsible for the many state abortion bans that are cropping up.

    Amazon gave at least $15,000 to the Republican State Leadership Committee, which supports politicians who passed state abortion bans. Amazon also likes brag about its so-called women empowerment programs, like "Amazon Women in Engineering."

    Target gave at least $13,500 to the same committee. Target's CEO also accepted an award for gender inclusivity.

    Walmart gave a whopping $124,800 to that committee and directly to Missouri, Alabama, and Georgia politicians who pushed for each state's abortion ban. Walmart also likes to talk about its "Global Women's Economic Initiative" to combat gender inequality.

    These corporations pride themselves on their "pro-women" policies, but they support politicians who use women's lives and health as political football. But we can help stop that. More and more companies care about the social and political issues that their consumers advocate for. If enough of us speak out and demand they stop giving to anti-women, anti-abortion politicians, we can make the case that their consumers--and bottom line--want them to support reproductive rights and justice.

    Will you be one of the hundreds of thousands of signers needed for Amazon, Target, and Walmart to stop funding anti-abortion, anti-woman lawmakers?


    (Political giving data compiled by Equity Forward. For more information please visit: https://equityfwd.org/defund-the-bans)