Credit card companies can block the sale of assault weapons

Credit card companies can block the sale of assault weapons

Tell Mastercard, Visa, and other major credit card companies:

"Refuse to process all sales from retailers who sell assault weapons."
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    A young man entered a school with an AR-15 rifle and killed 17 students and teachers. That's the same military-grade rifle used to kill 58 people in Las Vegas. And 49 people at the Pulse nightclub. And 27 people at Sandy Hook Elementary. And so many others.

    Kids are being murdered and Congress has done nothing to stop the sale of these assault weapons--they are more worried about losing their campaign contributions than people's lives. But they are not the only ones who can do something.

    Companies like PayPal and Apple Pay have already banned the purchase of firearms using their services. Now we’re calling on Visa, Mastercard, and other credit card companies to stop allowing people to buy assault weapons with their credit cards. A new report from The New York Times explains these companies have the power to do this, but they won't act unless customers demand it. And there is no time to waste--more lives will be lost while we wait for Congress to act. Will you add your name to this petition?



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