Stop Attacking Birth Control

Stop Attacking Birth Control

Tell conservatives:

"Birth control is a personal, medical decision, and it's not up to politicians or employers to dictate how women use it. Republicans need to stop trying to block women's access to birth control."

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    Stop Attacking Birth Control

    EMILY's List logoThere's an urgent new threat to birth control coverage, and all of us have to speak out right away before it gets any traction.

    This time, 11 prominent right-wing members of Congress have filed a legal brief in support of Hobby Lobby--the major craft retail chain that is suing the Obama Administration over the requirement that health insurers cover birth control. Hobby Lobby's conservative CEO and these politicians don't think women should make their own health care decisions. Imagine: a legal decision that says your boss gets to make decisions about your health care, not you. That's scary.

    That's why we've partnered with our friends at EMILY's List to send them a message: just stop messing with birth control. If UltraViolet members and EMILY's List members speak out together, they'll hear us loud and clear.