Ask Sessions about Sexual Assault

Ask Sessions about Sexual Assault

Tell the Senate Committee on the Judiciary:

Ask Jeff Sessions about sexual assault during his confirmation hearing
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    Trump's Attorney General pick, Senator Jeff Sessions--the man who could be in charge of our national programs on sexual assault and domestic violence--doesn't know if grabbing a woman by her genitals is assault. What's worse is Senate Republicans are rushing to push his appointment through. 

    The Senate will hold a confirmation hearing next week--before Trump is even sworn in. Sen. Sessions has a horrible record on a host of issues and the committee does not have much time to prepare. Unless we speak out now, his record on sexual assault and domestic violence could be swept under the rug.

    That's why next week, five brave survivors of sexual assault are heading to DC to meet with key senators and demand they ask about Sen. Sessions' abysmal record on fighting violence against women. They'll deliver signatures from UltraViolet members in person. Will you sign on?