Amazon is funding Breitbart

Amazon is funding Breitbart

Tell Amazon:

Stop funding misogyny and white supremacy. Stop advertising with Breitbart.
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    Did you know that Amazon.com gives money to Breitbart News--the white supremacist, fake news site that helped Donald Trump get elected?

    Breitbart publishes completely fake news that blame Mexican immigrants for rape, Muslim refugees for crime in Europe, Planned Parenthood for killing "up to half a Holocaust," and transgender women for sexual assault.

    Hundreds of advertisers have already pulled out of Breitbart, yet Amazon is still giving money to the leading purveyor of racist and sexist "news" partly responsible for giving way to Trump-like hate--from the mainstreaming of white supremacists to the extraordinary increase in hate crimes.

    Now, even Amazon's own employees are protesting the company for funding Breitbart. If we join them, we can make sure Breitbart loses the money it needs to promote its hateful agenda--UltraViolet members did it before, when they got a bunch of advertisers to drop Rush Limbaugh. Will you sign the petition and demand Amazon stop giving money to Breitbart?