Trumpcare is a threat to rape survivors

Trumpcare is a threat to rape survivors

Tell the Senate:

"Don't take away healthcare from sexual assault and domestic abuse survivors. Vote NO on Trumpcare."
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    The House of Representatives passed Trumpcare--and it's more despicable than ever.

    Under this bill, not only will tens of millions of people lose their health insurance, sexual assault and domestic violence will be considered pre-existing conditions. 

    Under Trumpcare, this means survivors of sexual violence can be charged outrageous premiums and be denied coverage altogether.

    This vote was a straight up attack on women--and now our only hope is to stop Trumpcare in the Senate. The good news is, senators know repealing the Affordable Care Act is extremely unpopular, so they are looking for excuses not to vote on it. We've stopped the Republican healthcare repeal before and we can do it again if the Senate hears from enough constituents. Will you add your name now?