Come on, Target

Come on, Target

Tell Target:

Even Walmart is paying better wages. Raise the minimum wage for Target workers now!

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    This is almost unbelievable: Walmart--one of the worst corporate employers in the country--announced that it's raising its minimum wage to $10 an hour for more than 500,000 workers.

    That's huge news, and it puts pressure on Walmart's main competitor, Target, to follow suit. If Target were to raise its minimum wage, that could mean close to a million people earning poverty wages will see their salaries increase--and we could see wages rise across industries. But that's only if we keep the momentum going.

    Walmart is Target's biggest competitor--but for a long time Target has relied on Walmart's poor image to paint it in a more favorable light. Now, Target won't be able to claim it's a better workplace, and the more of us who sign the petition, the greater the pressure on Target to do the right thing.

    The end game of all this is for workers in the United States to earn a livable wage. Even Walmart knows its employees can't live on the federal mandated $7.25 minimum wage. But until we have a reasonable federal minimum wage, we need to keep the pressure on the nation's largest employers to stop being greedy and guarantee that their workers can make ends meet. And right now, Target executives won't even disclose the wages they pay. 

    Will you tell Target to follow other companies and raise its minimum wage?