This lawsuit could take Trump down

This lawsuit could take Trump down

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    This lawsuit could take Trump down

    HUGE news: Summer Zervos, a former contestant on "The Apprentice" who has accused Trump of sexually assaulting her, is suing him. This could be our big chance to hold Trump accountable for his history of harassment and assault.

    Last year, Zervos revealed that Trump had forcibly kissed her and groped her after she was a contestant on his TV show. After he called her a liar, she sued him for defamation.

    Trump is in court trying to kill the lawsuit, but if it goes forward, it could be a game changer in holding Trump accountable for his sexually predatory ways. Zervos' attorneys would have power to investigate and publicize documents and incidents from Trump's past, and he could even be forced to testify.

    But Zervos is being harassed by Trump supporters for pursuing legal action, and if the suit continues, she'll undoubtedly face even more harassment and threats. Let's show her that we stand with her--and support her brave efforts to make sure everyone knows just how horrifying Donald Trump is. Can you sign our card to Summer Zervos, telling her we've got her back?

    Photo credit: George Skidmore via Flickr, licensed for reuse