Speak up for survivors at Topgolf!

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    Speak up for survivors at Topgolf!

    Tell Topgolf CEO Artie Starrs:

    It's time to reform Topgolf's toxic and abusive work environment!

    Why is this important?

    No one should have to tolerate sexual abuse and a toxic work environment to earn a living to feed themselves and their families. 

    Topgolf, a global entertainment company based in Dallas, Texas, has accrued 12 lawsuits. Workers have shared horrifying stories about wage theft, sexual assault and harassment, and extreme retaliation. Topgolf is rotten at its core and needs fundamental, major changes!

    We are calling on Topgolf's CEO Artie Starrs to implement the following reforms:

    • Leadership from management to commit resources to end sexual harassment in and outside of the workplace. 

    • Support the implementation of an independent Ethics and Culture Oversight Committee composed of current and former Topgolf employees, sexual harassment, diversity and inclusion advocates, and legal representatives.

    • Compensate all workers fairly by paying one fair wage--not the federal subminimum wage of $2.13 an hour--with tips on top.

    • External, independent and empowered entity to conduct a comprehensive internal audit. Be transparent about the findings and recommendations, and implement the recommendations. 

    • Terminate any contract or agreement that silences survivors, such as nondisclosure agreements. 

    Let's make our voices heard and light the fire for these changes! Sign our petition now.

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