Don't let extremists silence Mila Kunis

Don't let extremists silence Mila Kunis

Tell Jim Beam:

"We support Mila Kunis, you should too."
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    Mila Kunis in Jim Beam ad

    Earlier this month, actress Mila Kunis revealed on television that she makes a monthly donation to Planned Parenthood to protest anti-choice, homophobic Vice President Mike Pence. Now, Pence's supporters are organizing to get Kunis fired as spokeswoman for Jim Beam bourbon.

    They claim she disrespected Pence--the same man who shuttered five Planned Parenthood clinics while governor of Indiana, voted to completely outlaw abortion and voted against the Affordable Care Act while in Congress, and supports conversion therapy for LGBT youth.

    This boycott of Jim Beam is gaining steam--even retail liquor stores joined in. If we don't speak up, Jim Beam might fire Kunis--sending a message that support for women's health should take a backseat to appeasing bigots and extremists. We need MORE people like Mila Kunis supporting Planned Parenthood, not fewer--and if Jim Beam caves to extremists, it'll threaten public figures back into silence. But because women make many of the buying decisions in households, they have the economic power to make sure Jim Beam does the right thing here--or faces their wrath. Can you sign the petition?