Preventing another mass shooting

Preventing another mass shooting

Tell Congress:

"Enough is enough. Ban military-grade assault weapons now."

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    America needs to ban military-style assault weapons, NOW.

    The shooting at a gay club in Orlando killed at least 50 people. Most of the victims were young, LGBT, and Latino. It was the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history, and the military-grade assault weapon used was purchased legally. This was a preventable tragedy.

    Words can't take away the sadness caused by this attack, but there's something we can do. If all of us take all the outrage and sadness that we're feeling right now, and channel it into demanding military-style assault weapons--which were created for the sole purpose of killing large numbers of people--be taken off the streets, this could be the true tipping point moment in changing policy around guns in this country. Will you add your name?