VICTORY: NFL changes its domestic violence policy!

VICTORY: NFL changes its domestic violence policy!

VICTORY: On August 28th, the NFL released a game-changing new policy to prevent domestic violence and to hold players accountable for their violent or abusive behavior. From the beginning, this was an uphill battle. Changing professional sports culture, holding the most popular sports league in the country responsible, and demanding real systematic change to prevent violence was not easy. But thousands of UltraViolet members like you came together to make it happen: nearly 50,000 people signed the petition to the NFL, more than 2,000 called its offices, and thousands more used social media to spread the word. THANK YOU!!!

Changing culture in professional sports is no easy task, but when we speak out together and make our voices heard we can do it. And that’s important because the NFL’s statement on domestic violence will reverberate far beyond the sports world. Now, let's make sure everyone knows how important this is.

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