NBC: Dump Trump

NBC: Dump Trump

Tell NBC: Your Viewers deserve unbiased news. It's time to Dump Trump.
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    NBC is fast on its way to becoming the next Fox News.

    Recently the network brought on two extremist hosts from the right-wing channel, Fox News. Even worse, NBC announced that--despite clear conflicts of interest--Donald Trump will remain an executive producer for the network's show, Celebrity Apprentice, even as he becomes President of the United States.

    This is how NBC and the media will normalize not just Donald Trump but his entire sexist, hate-filled agenda--and they stand to make a lot of money from it. Unless we all speak out to stop it, this respected news network will mainstream Trump's dangerous sexism and racism. 

    Compromised journalism in favor of protecting Trump and network revenue is the name of the game at NBC. We can't let NBC become a propaganda machine for the Trump administration.

    Join us to demand that NBC end all fiduciary relationships they have with President-elect Donald Trump.