We support justice for Breonna Taylor. We support the BREATHE Act.

Tell Your Representative to Stand Up for Justice and Support the BREATHE Act

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    Tell Your Representative to Stand Up for Justice and Support the BREATHE Act

    It has been a year since Breonna Taylor was murdered by three plainclothes police officers. It's time for Congress to act.

    We will not forget Breonna. And we will never stop fighting for her. That is why we are asking every U.S. Representative to join us and support the BREATHE Act, created by the Movement for Black Lives.

    Why is this important?

    The BREATHE Act divests federal funding of punitive incarceration, policing, and criminalization of people to instead give grants to local communities for non-punitive and community-led approaches to public safety. It would blunt the militarization of communities by removing armed police officers and metal detectors from schools and government offices that provide social services. 

    Only a comprehensive bill like the BREATHE Act, which addresses the root causes of police violence--such as racism and poverty--can save women like Breonna. The bill would incentivize communities to provide for their people, in terms of housing and reparations for racism. The bill would provide people with real opportunities, such as access to high-quality health care, education, and transportation.

    There is also a strong environmental justice piece in the bill, calling for subsidizing community-owned renewable energy and clean air, water, and open spaces for all to thrive. 

    This bill is the vision of the community and public safety we all need and want. Breonna would be alive today if this was the community she had lived in, rather than a gentrifying and militarized Louisville.

    However, this vision can only happen if Congress acts. 

    Please sign on to our letter on the left and encourage your member of Congress to pass the BREATHE Act!

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