DC Metro: Stop censoring abortion ads

DC Metro: Stop censoring abortion ads

Permit Carafem ads in Metro stations.
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    DC Metro: Stop censoring abortion ads

    Our nation's capitol just banned women from learning about their own health care options.

    Last week, the Washington, DC Metro transit system decided to bar advertising about abortion access by Carafem Health Center, a clinic that offers the abortion pill and reproductive services. Why? DC Metro claimed that the advertisement fell under the category of "advocacy"--even though officials fully approved of Carafem ads as non-advocacy in 2015.

    This isn't advocacy--it's the basic right to know what health care options are available. Denying Carafem's ad is censorship, and it's dangerous. That's why it's critical that we call out DC Metro and demand that they discontinue blocking Carafem ads. 

    People need access to health care information, not informational blackouts. Advertising safe, legal health care options in those locations is an effective way to reach the people in need of reproductive services but who don't know what options they have.

    Join us today and demand that DC Metro stop restricting access to ads about abortion.