Protect our health care in California

Protect our health care in California

Tell the California Legislature:

"Pass the Healthy California Act."
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    Protect our health care in California

    While the fight to save the Affordable Care Act rages in Washington, D.C., here in California we have a chance to protect affordable, quality health care--AND make it even better.

    As early as today, the California Senate will vote on the Healthy California Act to enact single-payer health care. Single-payer health care will give Californians more choices of doctors and services, lower costs for both taxpayers and policyholders, and guarantee health coverage for every Californian. It creates a Medicare-for-all style system without regard for gender, or pre-existing condition, or ability to pay--three factors insurance companies use to discriminate against women. Instead of profit-driven companies who seek to deny as much care as possible, the Healthy California Act will create a social safety net for all.

    The Healthy California Act has the support of key leaders in the California Assembly and Senate--but eventually needs a two-thirds majority in both chambers. Democrats hold two-thirds majorities in both chambers, so we need to hold the line and ensure Democrats in Sacramento stand with California women, not insurance companies. Can you sign the petition?