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Tell Youtube: Stop monetizing misogyny and hate!

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    Tell Youtube: Stop monetizing misogyny and hate!

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    Rabidly misogynistic YouTube streamers and shows that espouse white male superiority, violence against women, and rape are being paid tens of thousands of dollars through the YouTube Partner Program. The hate spewed online is contributing to a rise in violence against women and other targeted groups.

    YouTube's terms of service prohibit the hate speech that appears regularly on these shows, but YouTube has been extremely slow to demonetize streamers that promote hatred of women.

    It's time for YouTube to enforce its policies. Send an email to the company now to demand that it STOP monetizing hate speech and demonetize shows that espouse hatred of women and other marginalized groups.

    Remember: Feel free to personalize the letter with why you believe it's important that YouTube stop monetizing hate. As always, please be respectful in your letter.


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