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We stand with you, Daisy Coleman

Daisy Coleman, a young rape survivor from Maryville, Missouri, who many of us spoke out in support of last fall, is in the hospital after a suicide attempt. She tried to take her life after being relentlessly harassed for reporting the rape.

It's heartbreaking--and incredibly frustrating--to learn of yet another rape victim attempting suicide after getting bullied and shamed for reporting a rape. It's an epidemic--and it's going to take all of us raising our voices to drown out the bullies, internet trolls, and rape apologists so we can reach the day when someone like Daisy Coleman won't ever feel alone again. Daisy and her mom need to know that after the initial outpouring of support, we're all still here and won't stop fighting for justice. 

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To Daisy & her family:

"Thousands of people all over the country support you--and we'll keep standing with you until you get justice. We wish you a quick recovery."

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