Hulu: Don't censor pro-choice voices

Hulu: Don't censor pro-choice voices

Tell Hulu:

"Stop censoring pro-choice voices, and stop siding against women. Air the "Amanda" ad and update your ad policies.
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    Hulu, the online video streaming service with millions of viewers, just rejected an ad to educate voters in Colorado about a dangerous anti-choice amendment on the ballot--despite the fact that it is running ads from pro-life candidates. According to Hulu, the ad is "political." But anti-choice candidates’ ads aren’t? Totally ludicrous. This is censorship of women's rights, plain and simple--and we’ve got to speak up now to stop it.

    This isn't just a Colorado issue--more and more Americans get their television from online streaming services every year, and Hulu is one of the biggest. With anti-choice amendments and candidates on the ballot in dozens of states this year--and surely to come in 2016--this is a terrible precedent to set.