Tell Google, YouTube, and Hulu: Stop censoring abortion!

Tell Google, YouTube, and Hulu: Stop censoring abortion!

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    Google and YouTube are still refusing to air UltraViolet's ads about abortion. But this week nearly 1,000 calls from UltraViolet members have poured into their headquarters to change that. Can you take a second to put us over 1,000?

    The Senate is preparing to vote on a national 20-week ban, so now is more important than ever that women know about attacks on their freedom. And Google and YouTube--each of which has a massive audience--are crucial to reaching millions of women who deserve to know about a common medical procedure that 1 in 3 women will have before age 45.

    Nearly 23,000 people have signed the petition to demand these companies allow their viewers access to important abortion information. We know we can push companies like Google to respond--like when Google customers forced it to remove ads from medical fraud centers that deceive women about abortion. If we act now and flood their phone lines, we can it again.

    Will you make a call to Google, YouTube, and Hulu and tell them to stop censoring abortion?