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Sign the Petition: Tell Revlon to remove toxic chemicals from their makeup

Victory! After first threatening to sue UltraViolet, along with the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics and the Breast Cancer Fund (our partners in this campaign), Revlon agreed to eliminate some of the most toxic cosmetic chemicals from its makeup, mascaras, and shampoos. Thanks to the over 45,000 UltraViolet members who took action!

Lots of companies support breast cancer awareness causes, but one company flashing the pink ribbon is actually part of the problem.

Revlon--one of the biggest cosmetics manufacturers in the country--is running ads promoting their support for breast cancer awareness while selling products to women that actually contain cancer-causing chemicals! Revlon uses cancer-causing chemicals like carbon black and formaldehyde-releasers, plus chemicals like parabens, octinoxate, and others linked to hormone disruption and thyroid problems in their hair care products, makeup, and facial/hand creams.

Revlon's major competitors--including brands like Cover Girl, Neutrogena, and Clean & Clear--are removing toxic chemicals from their products, thanks to the efforts of our partners at the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics and the Breast Cancer Fund. If tens of thousands of us call on Revlon to join them and put women's health ahead of marketing, we can convince Revlon to take these hazardous ingredients out of their products, too. Can you sign the petition?

Tell Revlon:

"Be part of the solution to breast cancer and other diseases. Join your competitors in the cosmetics industry and put the health of women and their families first. Remove toxic chemicals from your products."